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In this episode, Michael Meade considers the psychology of the “little self” or false self, as a way of addressing both the political drama in American culture and the soul’s natural longing for meaning and truth. He contrasts the little self with the deeper Self within each person trying to awaken, despite and because of the deceit and confusion rampant in contemporary life. 

As we watch issues of truth and power play out in real time on Twitter and cable news, the question becomes which character on we focusing upon, the personality of the president or the soul of the culture?  At critical times, the lessons can be more psychological than political.



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"The way Divine wisdom channels through Michael Meade is so poetic and graceful...powerful and profound.  I can feel truth in my body every time I listen in.  I am so grateful for this podcast as it has proven to be one of the best ways for me to understand and integrate genius."

“I cannot recommend this podcast more highly. It is true art/poetry/story medicine and an antidote for the divisive messages surrounding us.”

"This series is perfectly timed to help make sense of the craziness going on right now.  The reminder of ancient patterns and mythic stories is so refreshing.  Thank you for this great service to sanity."

"The wisdom and deep perspective that flows through Michael Meade is medicine for me in these times of radical change and uncertainty."