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Michael Meade takes the occasion of Donald Trump’s address to the United Nations to look at both the abuses of power and the genuine roots of power.  Meade tells an ancient myth from India in which the deity Indra becomes inflated and unbalanced after a victory that makes him the ruler of this world.  In order to bring Indra down to earth, Vishnu, the God of Creation appears as a ragged beggar boy who instructs the ruler on the limits and  delusions of power.  This weaving together of contemporary events with mythic perspectives helps reveal how power and authority repeatedly need to be re-imagined and grounded in the human soul where the roots of nobility and humility reside.


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“I'm feeling appreciative for this podcast as I am looking at power and authority and how each of us at the executive level views it and works with it in my own organization. As we work to lay the foundation for a culture to grow, how do we create a culture where people are less vulnerable and can have agency so they can thrive and fall? Shifting the perspective to seeking people's gifts and nobility and creating a space where people can seek for themselves was a brilliant and timely gift for me from this episode. Deep bows of reverence as always!"

“Michael Meade's voice is one of the best out there--SANE!"