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On this episode, we draw from relevant and compelling archival audio where Michael Meade argues for the need to respond poetically to division and fear.  His message then, set amidst political protests and a loss of meaning, resonates strongly today during this time of uncertainty, upheaval and unfolding protest. He speaks to the ongoing struggle for the imagination and soul of America, as well as our search for refuge, and ends by singing a powerful song to the earth from the Yoruba tribe in Africa.

Poetry offers a felt rhythm that synchronizes the brain, sparking words and symbols that bring the old mind present again. Poetry is the natural singing of the old naming, claiming, exclaiming mind that is shared by all people. Poetry is endless resource of the creative self married to the eternal song of the world. The real struggle for free speech, the real first amendment right involves the constant recreation of the world through the use of language drawn from the lip of the well of inspiration.

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“Speaking poetry to power! Amazing amplification and exquisite imagination of Michael Meade regarding how best to respond to the effects of the actions taken by those in power right now!”

“If you are not yet familiar with Michael Meade I suggest you give a listen to his recent podcast or go to Mosaic Voices for essays, interviews and videos. His is a very relevant voice right now exploring the power of myth and poetry is decode the ways of our world right now. Humanity has been here before and myth often offers useful guideposts and stories to make sense of it all”

"Inspiring audio - Making sense of difficult times thru poetry and the arts."