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On this episode, drawn from an interview on Voices of Vashon Radio, Michael Meade shows how trouble and collapse can awaken the soul.  There is something in each of us that we came here to give – our gift of genius – and there is no better time to find it than now.  Because no single hero will save everybody, we need a collective awakening of the genius within to reweave the world and anchor community in the deep ground of the soul.

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“Brilliant talks. Thank you Michael. These podcasts are Gems whose light lingers long and deeply."

“Challenging times like this are an invitation to pick up your thread of genius and start weaving within your community...I love to listen to Michael Meade's podcasts... such good medicine.”

"Something to help us weather the current cosmic influences..."

"On the theme of these crazy times, here's kindred spirit Michael Meade's latest podcast. Take a moment , pick up the thread and listen."