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In these times of chaos and confusion, when things seem to be falling apart, Michael Meade reminds us of the old idea that when you are going down, the best approach is to dive deeper.  He then begins a story in which we follow two orphaned children down into the underworld. In the surprising village under the earth, which can also been seen as the collective human psyche, critical ceremonies occur that involve the gifts and wounds of the soul.  Certain golden qualities are native to each soul, yet a descent is required to reveal these inner gifts.  On the other hand, a careful cleansing and healing of whatever is wounded in a person must also take place.  Healing the wounds and polishing the gold are the rituals of self-discovery and growth necessary for each person; they are also the model for how to deal with anyone who takes power in a group or a culture.  This week's podcast is a short segment of the extensive "The Soul of Change" recording.

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"The way Divine wisdom channels through Michael Meade is so poetic and graceful...powerful and profound.  I can feel truth in my body every time I listen in.  I am so grateful for this podcast as it has proven to be one of the best ways for me to understand and integrate genius."

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