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Michael Meade reflects on two recent and significant events that unfolded within 24 hours of each other - the inauguration of Donald Trump and the worldwide women’s marches - and he speaks to how meaningful actions and lasting change ultimately requires transformation on the level of the individual soul.

In the middle of a march, protest or a struggle for justice and beauty, two things happen: there is a congealing of a community of purpose and there is the awakening of the individuals within it. History is made in the depths of the individual soul and to sustain our collective efforts it requires that people keep awakening. The danger of these times creates the opportunity for more people to awaken.

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“Jung and Campbell would like these offerings...focusing on the archetypal forces awakened and in motion now...our thoughts, words and deeds matter.”

“Michael Meade shows us that moving through the fear helps us awaken our soul so we can bloom into the beautiful flower, the meaningful versions of ourselves.”

"Helpful perspectives on how to grow bigger and show up more than we may have done before.” 

"Love these podcasts. Such a sane and compassionate voice."

"This is an exceptional piece by Michael Meade, so, so beautiful - totally spot on. For these times, and for the flowering soul - it is a must listen, an absolute must."