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Michael Meade begins with a poem that suggests that the big dream of the world may be increasingly obscured by the nightmare of endless war and the growing number of conflicts throughout the world. In a heartfelt response to many who write in about being discouraged about life, he argues that freedom is found in the active, imaginative mind and in the hidden poetic union of the soul. Weaving ideas about the roots of human creativity and the articulation of beauty and meaning in the world, the path leads to ideas of the deep self as being the center of life and source of the ongoing dream of the world. In the midst of annihilating storms and threatening culture wars, the individual self and soul become the necessary place to turn to and the essential place to stand when the future of the world is at risk.

In finding deeper connections to the already existing knowledge and medicine of the deep self, we get increasing vital energy which we need to stand up in the troubling currents of the modern world, as well as an ongoing revelation of the value that we can and must bring to the world, or else by omission, we contribute to the nightmare already growing in the world.

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“Please --make the time to lisen to this short podcast. Meade puts his finger on the 'angst' not only of this present time, but of any day and any age of time.  In other words -- this is priceless!"

“If you're discouraged and the world news upsets -- please do yourself a favor and read what Meade has to say about the World Dream and what each of us can do to help change the current storyline."