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Awakening the Soul addresses the issue of the loss of soul throughout the world and the loss of meaning and truth in modern life. Michael Meade shows how meaning is essential to the human soul and uses ancient stories and compelling insights to describe how soul can be recovered and people can learn to “live in truth.”  Drawing from dramatic episodes in his own life, Meade shows how the soul tries to awaken at critical times, and how an awakened soul is crucial for finding medicine to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life. What we need now is not a minor repair, but a major transformation of the world that can only start with the awakening of the individual soul.

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“Brilliant and necessary. Michael Meade offers deep medicine for our cultural anxieties, myths that empower, and profound and timeless insights. These ancient stories and modern illuminations offer the very understandings we need in these hard times.” - Jack Kornfield

“In reading Michael Meade’s work, as in listening to his wisdom in any form, I am amazed at the high quality of love he imparts to a love starved, deeply fractured, humanity. He challenges us to go deeper into the cracks and crevices of our lives to grow a self that remains upright and of service to a tragically troubled world.” - Alice Walker

Podcast about the new book

In this podcast, Meade describes how the book began, and how it changed during the course of the writing due to inspirations appearing in the middle of the night.  Using the key metaphor of awakening the inner eyes of the soul, Meade elucidates the meaning of “Awakening the Soul”, and uses that perspective to show how the crisis of truth and meaning must be solved before we can effectively deal with the humanitarian and environmental crises that affect the entire planet.


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A collection of traditional songs of longing, grief and praise used by Michael Meade and Mosaic at healing retreats and community-building events. 



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 Throughout this wide-ranging recording, Hillman and Meade trade roles of psychologist and mythologist, being pulled on and on by the wild images of an old Russian fairy tale.

Instead of looking for a silver lining in the clouds, look for the gold inside the dark. The soul has hidden within it the secret gold of a person’s life.
— Michael Meade