Mosaic's Agents of Creation project seeks to reclaim and relearn the ancient arts of myth and ritual in order to assist with the healing of nature and the renewal of culture.

Ancient people relied on myth and ritual to heal the wounds of culture and draw upon the renewing energies of nature. Myth and ritual touch the entire person, spirit and mind, body and soul. In the eye of the soul nature and culture are secretly woven together, so that working with one requires engaging the other. There may be no better time to reclaim and relearn the ancient arts of myth and ritual in order to assist with the healing of nature and the renewal of culture.

Mosaic offers an ongoing series of retreats, workshops and ritual events for people to understand and experience ritual practices in a modern settingRitual connects the mind and the heart. It involves an intensification of being that can bring greater energy to one’s life, while also providing signs and symbols of the path our soul would have us take.



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At each significant crossroads and crisis in life the hidden inheritance of the soul tries to enter the world through us. Each person has a living truth to contribute to the world. The problem is that the pathways of awakening are blocked by received ideas, early life traumas and over- adaptation to the needs of others.

All meaningful growth and genuine healing requires that we clarify and intensify our connections to the deep self and soul within us. Each visit to the center of our deep self is a new beginning and a further initiation of the path of the soul.

As long as we trust this inner gradient, we keep finding paths to the center of our self and soul and emerge from life’s struggles with a deeper sense of meaning and greater gifts to give.

Living consciously and mindfully means finding creative ways to deliver, to a world ruled by scarcity and fear, the living truth of our lives and the inner abundance of the soul.

This workshop will draw upon the redeeming function of myth as a vessel of imagination and regeneration that can open new ways to envision life and new paths to follow whether at a younger or older stage of life.

Hearing a story awakens the mythic story living in each of us. It places us in a ‘mythic condition’ that reconnects us to the core imagination and living story at the center of our soul. Being touched by myth carries us to the center where the world is always ending and always beginning again.
— Michael Meade


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