The Genius Project

The aim of Mosaic’s Genius Project is to bring deeply encouraging ideas of the unique genius seeded in each person into mainstream culture. We seek to awaken and inspire the great diversity of human genius and resiliency at all levels of education and in a variety of creative endeavors. The sense that each person, regardless of social status, ethnic background or sexual orientation has “inner genius” and something significant to contribute to the world has practical benefits at both the individual and cultural levels.

As the troubles of the world intensify it is useful to know that the greatest gifts often dwell near the deepest harm and that genius hides behind the wound. As the philosopher Horace put it over two thousand years ago, “Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.” Awakening the genius within each individual opens surprising paths to personal fulfillment; but also leads to innovative ways to solve the increasing number of problems we face as a global society.

Genius has the root meaning of “the spirit that is already there.” As such it points to the inner uniqueness and natural giftedness that enters the world with each person born. When seen as a cohering thread in each life, inner genius serves to weave together a person’s innate talents and abilities while also revealing one’s purpose in life. If people are to find creative ways of living together and healing both culture and nature, the awakening of individual genius may be the deepest and most imaginative way to approach the seemingly impossible tasks that face contemporary cultures.

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Genius: The Divine Mission of the Soul with Michael Meade

NEW DIMENSIONS RADIO - Listen as Michael Meade explores the importance of inner genius as a source of purpose and resiliency for both youth and elders facing a rapidly changing world.

Listen to the complete interview at New Dimensions Radio

Michael Meade at Stanford University

The Nature of Genius brings the power of mythic imagination to the issue of the uniqueness of the human soul and the natural giftedness of each person. It redefines genius, challenges common ideas of education and places the issues of human meaning and purpose in the middle of the debates over the condition and of the world.

You can also watch the complete Stanford University video (1 hour 22 minutes).

Finding Genius In
Your Life Audio

FINDING GENIUS IN YOUR LIFE - On this inspiring recording Michael Meade introduces the idea of a “resident spirit of the soul” that tries to awaken and reveal our calling in life and the mythic story trying to enter the world through each of us.

4 disc CD set or Download

Genius Project — Re-imagine Education

Mosaic’s Genius Project aims at re-imagining education as a process that goes beyond basic instruction and socialization to a deeper effort that helps to reveal the inner genius in each child and every student. Genius-based education naturally leads to life-long learning and practices that develop “olders” into elders. Rather than retiring from life, awakened elders become the guardians of meaningful education as well as the protectors of cultural wisdom.

Mosaic’s Genius Project:

  • seeks to awaken the genius qualities within each individual as a pathway to finding greater personal fulfillment; but also as a creative way of addressing the problems we face as a global society.
  • seeks to help people of all ages and at all life stages to discover the elements of inspiration and purpose they carry within themselves.
  • aims to instruct and inspire those who work with children and youth to help reveal and confirm the genius of each student
  • helps to re-imagine education as a culture-wide, life-long process and helps teachers add vital elements of genius and creativity to a system currently based primarily in instruction
  • offers Genius-Based Mentoring ideas and practices to schools and colleges, to mentoring organizations and recovery programs
  • invites and empowers “olders” to act as elders who can to become guides and teachers in their communities; genius can be discovered at any age and discovering inner genius is key for developing genuine elders who can guide processes of renewing culture and the healing of nature.

Our intention is to Invite – Inspire – Instruct and serve an ever-growing network of individuals and groups that are applying, teaching and living from the idea that each person is gifted in some way and that each of us has something to offer their community in this critical time of radical change and global unrest.

Strategies for growing Mosaic’s Genius Project include:

  • Providing seed ideas as well as mentoring and leadership models to individuals, institutions and community groups through our online platform and publishing efforts.
  • Inspiring others to join the work of implementing and applying concepts of inner genius and innate life purpose. The core ideas of genius can be used by a wide variety of people serving their communities as educators, activists, artists, therapists and healers.
  • Delivering focused content in a continuous series of video, audio and written documents that include cogent ideas, inspiring narratives and practical methods of working with people at the genius level.
  • Working with teachers and educational leaders to add genius-based curriculum to the existing educational system.  A generation of students schooled in an environment where genius is honored will naturally accept genius as a part of their lives and as essential to developing their culture.
  • Providing updates on ways ideas of inner genius are being used to change education and inspire cultural healing.
  • Developing Mosaic’s current offering of Continuing Education Units to include extensive opportunities on our online platform to assist those in educational, therapeutic, and healing professions to bring genius-based ideas to their practices and fields.
  • Instructing a wide variety of individuals and groups about the ideas and possibilities of awakening the inner genius in their own lives; invite them to join the project, and help them develop specific things they can do to bring genius to mainstream culture.
  • Providing an online forum that focuses upon finding elements of genius in one’s life and developing ways to express one’s genius nature.
  • Publishing a series of videos and audios that detail the knowledge gained from decades of mentoring at-risk youth and working with oppressed communities.
  • Publishing and distributing Michael Meade’s upcoming book on the nature and meaning of human genius and the role of mythic imagination in the struggle to re-imagine culture and help renew nature.

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