To be purposeful is not to be goal oriented, but to seek to reconnect to the source of one’s life.
— Michael Meade


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Although the most common connotation of the word friend might now be “a contact made through social networking,” the older and deeper sense of friend referred to someone who knows your inner-most self and truly cares for your soul. In that sense, a true friend is not simply someone who is “like-minded,” but rather someone who sees something genuine and meaningful in us.

There is a story that keeps coming to mind as we experience the fires and floods of radical climate change at the same time as the painful effects of cultural upheaval. The Old Woman Weaves the World is a Native American tale known to many tribes and often told in times of fear and anxiety.  When the story begins, the Old Woman has been weaving for a long time.

The plotline of history has brought all of us face to face with an array of conflicts and challenges both complex in nature and worldwide in scope. From climate change to cyber war to terrorism, this is a time of radical changes as well as radical threats. Yet, each time a major issue arises, a troubling subplot repeatedly takes attention away from the main issues.

It is an old axiom that “the truth can set you free.” And even a Russian proverb argues that it is “better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie.” I thought of that after watching the Senate Intelligence Committee trying to get to the facts of the Russian interference in American democracy.  I also thought of how the truth is always hard to find.


Each life involves an essential errand; not simply the task of survival, but a life-mission embedded in the soul from the beginning.
— Michael Meade