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The Heart of Transformation - San Rafael

  • Unitarian Universalist of Marin 240 Channing Way San Rafael, CA USA (map)
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It is our collective fate to live in a time of climate crisis and eco-disasters that call for fundamental changes in our relationship to the living earth. The change from an isolating world view to one that realigns with the heart of nature involves not simply a shift of attention, but acts of true imagination and heartfelt service. We are in the midst of a collective rite of passage that requires that we not simply change, but truly transform our way of being in the world.

Hard facts must be faced and scientific data must be accepted and utilized. However, if we reduce the world to what we can measure and count, we lose all that is immeasurable and transformative about life. A true transformation moves the heart as well as the mind and carries us beyond our current understanding of both ourselves and the living world around us.

Awakening at the level of the heart and soul becomes necessary to change the collective attitudes about the earth; acting upon what moves our hearts can connect us to the heart of nature. The heart’s purpose appears as both deeply personal and world involving, as both unique vision and world connecting.

In terms of mythic imagination, the seeds of renewal can be found precisely within the conditions of chaos, disorder and disintegration. Awakening the soul leads to acts of truth and courage, but also practices of devotion and sacred service. The awakened soul becomes the source of vision and creative agency that can inspire a collective renewal at both the level of survival and of transformation.

This workshop will draw upon the redeeming function of myth as a vessel of imagination and regeneration that can open new ways to envision life and new paths of initiation to follow whether at a younger or older stage of life.


  • Myths of restoration of the Earth and renewal of life that help us see the world with different eyes

  • Working with the genius loci or spirit of place

  • Aligning our inner genius and character with service in the world

  • Finding a “dharma path” that helps us live amidst chaos and can help restore the life force of the world

  • Using healing rituals that can deepen our sense of community and create reservoirs of hope

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