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Agents of Creation Workshop - Portland

  • First Congregational Church 1126 SW Park Ave. Portland, OR (map)


We live in the midst of extraordinary times and the human soul expects to find extraordinary experiences. For, each soul carries its own inner law or dharma; each has a calling to answer and a way of serving the world. Amidst radical changes in climate and in culture, creation wishes to continue, yet can only work through the souls of those alive at a given time. There may be no better time than these troubled times to learn the pattern set within the soul and claim the mythic thread that brought each of us to life.

The issue is not that there are no answers to the burning questions of life; the real difficulty is the problem of tuning-in to the paths our souls would have us take. Without genuine imagination and a sense of the subtle presence of soul, we are unable to imagine ourselves as having meaning and contributing to the work of creation ongoing. Being in a “mythic condition” allows us to reconnect to the creative core that holds the dream of our being and the true aim of our life.

Ancient people relied on myth and ritual to heal the wounds of culture and draw upon the renewing energies of nature. Myth and ritual touch the entire person, spirit and mind, body and soul. In the eye of the soul nature and culture are secretly woven together, so that working with one requires engaging the other. There may be no better time to reclaim and relearn the ancient arts of myth and ritual in order to assist with the healing of nature and the renewal of culture.

This workshop will draw upon the redeeming functions of myth and ritual as vessels of imagination and regeneration that can open new ways to envision life and new paths to follow whether at a younger or older stage of life.



● Introduction to Creative Ritual

● Using Ascending Symbolic Order

● Activation of Innate Vision

● A Collective Rite of Passage

● Alliance of Youth and Elders

● Activism on the Level of Spirit and Soul

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