Interviews with Michael Meade

Michael Meade - Fear, Lies and Acts of Truth

KBOO Radio

Michael Meade joins Portland, OR radio station KBOO to talk about how we can respond to the daily onslaught of fear and lies coming from the Trump administration.  When entire communities are living under constant fear of deportation, when the 45th administrations' chief strategist predicts there will be an "ideological fight everyday" and when lies are touted as truth on a regular basis, how do we hold the thread of who we are and maintain our energy for what is true?"

Michael Meade - Our Natural Gifts

Vajra Body Vajra Mind Podcast

Michael Meade joins hosts Jed Ward and Damien Able on their podcast "Vajra Body Vajra Mind". They talk about each person's natural gifts and how, by giving our gifts, we experience meaning. The conversation also explores talent vs. genius, the call of the muses, staying close to our wound, the importance of rites of passage and much more.

Michael Meade - The World is Churning and It Needs Your Genius

KBOO Radio

Michael Meade joined hosts Lyn Moelich and Ani Haines for a timely and compelling conversation about the upheaval in nature and culture and how awakening our inner genius can serve as an antidote to the increasing levels of fear and despair during this time of great churning and transformation in the world.

Michael Meade - The World is in Trouble and it

Needs Your Genius

Beyond Awakening with Terry Patten

Michael Meade and Terry Patten talk about how, whether rich or poor, we are all being pushed to the margins to face our brokenness during this time of “apocalypsis” — in which both collapse and renewal are unveiling all that has been hidden.

Michael Meade - Writers on Genius


Michael Meade speaks with Julia McCutchen of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers delve into a remarkable and inspiring conversation about the true meaning of genius and its essential role in all of the arts and practices of human creativity.

Michael Meade on The Power of Imagination

KBOO Radio

In this brand new interview with mythologist Michael Meade, Ani Raven Haines and Lyn Moelich of KBOO Radio talk with him about the power of imagination to help us return to a right relationship with the rest of the planet.

Michael Meade on Education

Teach Now

In this interview with mythologist Michael Meade, Jennifer Louden of the pioneering education group TeachNow delve into a remarkable and surprising conversation about the true meanings of teaching, mentoring, and genius-based education.

Why the World Doesn't End

New Dimensions Radio

Michael Meade joins host, Justine Willis Toms, for a lively and rich discussion of the new book, Why the World Doesn't End. Topics include the meaning of apocalypse, living in a betwixt and between time, and why the world cannot end.

Light Inside Dark Times

KBOO Radio

This recording offers Michael Meade's mythic view of modern economic troubles and the loss of soul that plagues both culture and Nature. Using an ancient myth, Meade shows that creation has two hands: a spirit hand that brings bright beginnings, and a soul hand that touches darkness and knows how to be creative in troubled times.


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