Foolish With Dreams

Ark4Remember old Noah who had to hold onto a dream and foolishly fashion a ship for a flood that had not yet appeared? He was a mythical character in folk traditions long before being drafted to play a role in religious texts. The idea of things beginning with a dream, the need to include all the animals and the whole notion of surviving the End are features of folk myths found throughout the world.
Flood stories have been found all over the earth, even in landlocked places; as if to say that it is not exactly the literal seas that are being addressed, but the psychic waters of the unconscious that can flood forth and overwhelm an individual or a culture at any time. Noah is one name for the old survivor in human awareness that keeps close to dreams and to animals and the elements of nature. Old Noah is part of the inner nature of human nature, part of the original nature and surviving capacity of the human soul.


Folk Myth and Open Secrets
Adapted from The World Behind the World by Michael Meade

Whereas the grand myths and epic sagas that seed great civilizations tend to include dramatic endings and apocalyptic conclusions, more humble "folk myths" tend to offer images of survival and renewal of both nature and culture. Survival is a keynote of folk tales and an age-old capacity of the common folk, just as it is a core practice of nature itself. The seemingly lowly elements of folk myths and genuine folklore involve human nature's deepest connections to great Nature and offer artful ways to survive the repeated disasters and inevitable collapses of high culture.

Folk myths carry the same seeds of imagination and inspiration that give rise to the epic historicized tales; they just carry them more simply. Alongside the parade of major civilizations and the processions of the great religions, the tracks of the common folk can be found, a bit in the shadows, and closer to the dust of the road. Attending more to earthly lore than to codified laws, they draw upon ancient wisdom traditions and the surprising old roots of earth knowledge that keep renewing from below.


An Introduction: This World is Made of Stories
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